The Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) is laying the foundation for a paradigm shift in leadership. ILD
serves men and women with leadership training that develops both character and competency to become transformed leaders who transform society.

ILD is a capacity-building program that trains Afghan men and women in excellent principles and practices of leadership from around the world. ILD is a two-semester program, which offers up to 200 hours of facilitation-based instruction. Classes meet up to four times per week and utilize various methods, such as lectures, discussions, activities, projects, multi-media presentations, and life stories. Each class promotes change and growth through action, reflection and practical application.

ILD Curriculum:  Covers 4 Core Subjects. Specific classes are determined by each location & schedule.

  • Personal Leadership Development: Transforming our Habits.
  • Philosophical Leadership Development: Enlightening our Minds.
  • Relational Leadership Development: Strengthening our Hearts.
  • Professional Leadership Development: Enhancing our Skills.