Take a Second Look

I have a BS in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, I initially struggled with the liberal arts courses that did not have problem solving and scientific method at their core. After reading a book on study habits, I started making a second, handwritten copy of my lecture notes before the next session of each class. This ritual of the SECOND LOOK, made a huge difference in learning, retention, and academic success.

In 2002, I started journaling 4-5 times a week as part of my spiritual journey. I spend the first week in January reviewing my entries from the past year. Wins, losses, insight turning into action, vision turning into results, family vacation shenanigans, memories of people we have lost. The SECOND LOOK at my year helps me make permanent adjustments to the life, relationship, and business lessons I am learning. A powerful discipline for leaders and learners.

My intense desire is to reach my full potential, and help many others do the same.

Written By: Ross Paterson

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