Put It In Writing: Business Planning that Works!

Only a small percentage of small business owners have a written business plan (studies show around 3%).  The same research notes that the businesses with written plans and clear communication are consistently market leaders.


None of this is new.  Basic leadership requires creating vision and charting the course forward.  Common knowledge, but not common practice among owners and entrepreneurs.


What you don’t know is already hurting you; overworked, underpaid, and no cash reserve are symptoms of the leadership problem.  We have taken hundreds of business owners through our Strategic Planning Process.  Not by creating a 30-page business plan for investors, instead, we take you through a process to change your thinking. A two-page business plan is all you need to get your team focused and rowing together.


Written by: Ross Paterson

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  1. What’s in the 2-page plan? I’ve found this to be true. Seems like anything I’ve achieved was written down somewhere. Thanks for sharing.

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