Leadership Grit

Attempting to define effective leaders in a sentence or less is quite difficult.  In my years as an Army Infantryman, working inside General Electric, and living as an entrepreneur, the one quality that set apart the top performers is what I like to call Leadership Grit.


Grit is a transformational mix of intestinal fortitude, indomitable spirit, and the wisdom of common sense and good judgment applied in all situations.  Gritty leaders are known and loved because they have the ability to bring the best performance out of everyone around them.  Think about your best coach, he wasn’t the easy, fun one, but the one who pushed you past the mental barriers you had for yourself.


As I have been researching the make up of Leadership Grit, I have come to an interesting discovery.  Grit, like Will Power, is a finite resource.  Your physical muscles will fail when over used, so will your Leadership Grit.  What can you do about it?


  1. People who have spent time defining and refining their Personal Passions, Life Purpose, and Big WHY tend to be more Gritty.
  2. Develop Grit Stamina by taking on challenging assignments on a regular basis.
  3. Focus your efforts on the highest priorities for your business and your life. Avoid wasting your best efforts on small things, or with small thinkers, that don’t make a difference.

Written by: Ross Paterson

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