Impossible becomes Inevitable

“Impossible becomes inevitable through leaders who will not accept things as they are.”  Condoleezza Rice

Three steps for leaders to get organizations moving from Impossible to Inevitable.

#1:  Make everyone on the team uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled with your current levels of performance.  It should be unbearable, even shameful, to maintain the status quo.

#2:  Inspire and motivate the team with a fresh, compelling vision of how great it is going to be in the future.  Tell the story of a conquering organization filled with the pride of achieving greatness.  This will take practice, so get started creating and communicating vision today.

#3:  Take unprecedented action toward achieving your vision.   Invest your time, energy and resources into destroying obstacles and quieting doubt.  Immediate progress will create momentum for the journey.

“If your people can’t do a good impression of you, you are not communicating enough.”  Patrick Lencioni, author, consultant.


Coach Ross

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