How do Business Owners and Entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities to ACCELERATE, without suffering from indigestion?

  1. Build yourself out of the day-to-day operations.

This helps you work on the activities that cause acceleration, and have capacity to handle the growth when it comes. When owners say “It’s just easier if I do it myself,” they are usually trying to avoid the conflict of holding someone accountable.  Or, they have a process that is perfectly lined out in their heads, and no one else can meet their expectations, because no one knows or understands the expectations. Hire someone to take over the small tasks, even if it’s part time. Be sure to write down the process that is in your head first.

XM Truth:  If it’s just easier to do it yourself, you will have a very small business.

  1. Develop leaders internally, easily transition new workers when you have great leaders.

Yes, but how.  Exceptional formal training certainly unlocks potential.  But unlocking your team’s potential can be as simple as grabbing a great book, and having a brown bag lunch together once per week.  Read, discuss, and apply a few chapters per week.

XM Truth:  If you don’t MAKE TIME to unlock human potential two things happen;

  • Progress will be frustratingly slow, and business potential limited
  • Your highest potential people will look for a different leader

Written By: Ross Paterson

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