If a leader has no vision and no plan in writing, the first step of the process is to work on creating the vision.  Once you have created a clear and compelling vision, the question becomes, how often should you communicate vision? (Click here for a free tool to help you get started)


Our experience shows that more is better.  This does not mean you should sit your team down in a conference room everyday and read the one page vision document to them.  Creativity counts when you start ARTICULATING vision; more variety with compelling and passionate words will lead to better results.


  1. Formal Vision Sharing: At quarterly or mid-year intervals, leaders should assess progress and refresh vision.  During these sessions use formal presentations, statistics, and data to shape your communication.
  2. Learn how to be a great Story Teller: Incorporate a client win with a piece of the vision sharing one week.  Brag on an employee, showing how they are OWNing the vision and DRIVing it towards reality.
  3. Repetition is key to Remembering: Add memorable phrase to an email, put a picture up with a ‘sound bite’ caption, develop unique and catchy phrases that are meaningful in your team’s culture.


Leaders! you must be the drivers of VISION, this should not be delegated.  Which reminds me of another quote from my favorite book.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Proverbs 27

Written by: Ross Paterson

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