Change is hard, Status Quo is harder

I recently noticed that when talking about the need for change with a new acquaintance that most people actually will agree that change is necessary.  So, why do we tend to resist it so strongly?  Here are 2 reasons I just made up.


  • “Someone else” needs to change before me. “It’s the banking system.” “It’s because of the more “powerful” nation/business/family/politician that will never let me succeed.” “It’s the environment.”  Those who have made the greatest positive change in history have taken ownership.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi


  • “Change is hard.” This is true. Now get over it. The reason change is necessary is because there will come a time when the status quo is more painful than the change. Pay now, or pay later.


The truth is that change is not what we all need. Change WILL come one way or the other.  We need “TRANSFORMATION”. It’s different.


Change is what happens when we “try harder” or create new rules to force an externally different appearance or observable behavior.  Transformation requires going deeper into the “why” of everything we do. Transformation happens when different foundations are built and beliefs are examined. Change starts with “What?”; Transformation starts with “Why?”.


Change is what happens when the outside of a cocoon turns to a different color. Transformation is when the butterfly emerges and flies away in beautiful freedom.


Written By: Andrew McCoy

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