Admitting When You Need Help

When I casually encounter a business connection and ask how things are going, I rarely get the truth. Most of the time I get some version of this response: “Been really busy”, or “business is great”. Most business owners don’t want to admit that something is going wrong inside their business, this is most likely because they feel that this would reflect poorly on them.

While I don’t recommend telling everyone you know when something in your business is going wrong, there is much wisdom to be found in getting council from some business peers you trust. You wouldn’t think badly of a friend if they came to you with a personal issue, asking for advice. The same goes for asking business advice, most people are more than willing to help or give advice. Odds are, they probably have gone through something similar. You aren’t as alone as you think.


I remember as a teenager feeling as though I was somehow one-of-kind in the world, that no one else would ever really “get” me. The truth is, people are not as unique as they think. In a world of over 7 billion people, we have more that makes us similar than different. The same goes for your business. More often than you realize, your business problems are the same (or similar enough) as many other businesses.

Remember how hard it was to listen to your parents because you thought they “just didn’t understand”? As mature adults, we can be smarter than our younger selves. Go grab coffee with an older business professional, or find a peer who seems to have it together. Chances are, they will be more than willing to help


Written by: Ross Paterson

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