Absence vs Abdication

Our clients frequently struggle handing off work, responsibilities and leadership to their team.


“It’s just easier if I do it myself.”  “I am the only one who can do ______.”


If you hear yourself thinking or saying these things often, your ‘thinking’ may be part of the problem.


XM Truth:  Your team can do more, wants bigger challenges, and will deliver more than you are currently asking them to do.


When business owners and leaders start taking Strategic Absences to work “ON” the business, they are surprised by what their teams deliver.


Of course, if you are absent playing golf, posting luxurious vacation videos, or riding your bikes too much, your Strategic Absence turns into Leadership Abdication.  Find the balance by sharing vision, letting them know what you are working on in your absence, challenge your leaders and they will rise to the #XtraMile.

Simple, but not easy.


Written by: Ross, Dale, Micah

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