The philosophy of Leadership, Part II

What exactly is leadership? There are over a thousand definitions of leadership found in the literature. Pick one! Of course, we offer what works best for us in our work with students (and with managers, government officials, community organizers, health care providers, and educational administrators), but we don’t claim the last word on “defining” leadership. […]

The Indispensable Quality Of Leadership: Vision

Robert K. Greenleaf, in his book The Servant as Leader, says, “Foresight is the ‘lead’ that the leader has. Once he loses this lead and events start to force his hand, he is leader in name only. He is not leading; he is reacting to immediate events and he probably will not long be a […]

The Extra Plus In Leadership: Attitude

Write the name of a friend whom you greatly admire __________________________________________ Write one thing that you admire most about that friend ___________________________________________ Let’s take a moment and contemplate this exercise before you continue reading. I think you’ll gain an interesting and important insight. The odds are high that the thing you most admire about your […]