“Failing forward” what does that mean?

Part 2: Failing forward Think about almost any great person that you admire. Think about great world leaders, athletes, artists, inventors, scientists, business leaders and innovators. What do Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, LeBron James, and many […]

“Failing forward” what does that mean?

Part 1: “Failing forward” what does that mean? I thought no one likes to fail. Growing up I hated to lose. I feared failure. When I lost, it did not bring out the best in me. Often, after failing a test of losing a game, I would get angry or mad or want to give […]

How do Business Owners and Entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities to ACCELERATE, without suffering from indigestion?

1.Build yourself out of the day-to-day operations. This helps you work on the activities that cause acceleration, and have capacity to handle the growth when it comes. When owners say “It’s just easier if I do it myself,” they are usually trying to avoid the conflict of holding someone accountable.  Or, they have a process […]

Unicorns and Perfect Employees

As businesses and organizations begin to grow and flourish, the leader’s most challenging obstacle becomes recruiting talented people. Some of the most painful experiences of leadership come when we hire the ‘wrong’ people. We end up continuing to do their work, while losing profitability. Our client’s most stressful situations are always around the issue of […]

Learning Styles

Learning-style theory begins with Carl Jung (1927), who noted major differences in the way people perceived (sensation versus intuition), the way they made decisions (logical thinking versus imaginative feelings), and how active or reflective they were while interacting (extroversion versus introversion). Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs (1977), who created the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and founded […]

Why would people listen to you?

Let me ask you a question: Why do people listen to you? What reasons do you give them to follow you? Good leaders find a way to connect with people. They earn their right to be followed. They build bridges of relationship that can bear the weight of truth. Here are some reasons that why […]

An Inconceivable Truth About High Performers

I am reading Adam Grant’s book Give and Take this week.  Grant quotes research where leaders of soldiers, CPAs, students and engineers were given detailed personnel assessments on everyone on their team.  The data identified the few that had the highest potential.  A year later these high potential employees and students were outpacing and outperforming […]

How to Get Unstuck

‘Sometimes we mistake the edge of our rut for the horizon.’  Unknown I had lunch last week with the 2nd generation owner of a decades old business.  He was feeling stuck.  Early this week I had coffee with a woman in her 30’s, who leads a three-year-old start up with her husband.  Very different situation, […]

Bad Management is Killing your Potential

If you are not learning and growing, you are falling behind I am working through a book called Humans are Underrated, by Geoff Colvin.  A fascinating study on the power of people in groups and how to unlock the collective intelligence of your team.  Read this Book!! “Not even ancient, inherent strengths can survive bad […]

Unlocking Potential

The most rewarding part of our work at XM Performance is watching our clients perform at levels they didn’t know were possible. Better than increased profit, improved strategy or a well-executed business plan, is the permanent and transformational result of unlocking human potential. Yes, but how?  Of course we would love to have you in […]