I get all my business word of mouth

We work with so many amazing people and businesses. Frequently after hearing an inspired story of excellence, we look through financials that show years of little or no growth. When asked about Marketing and Sales, we often hear with boldness, “We get all of our business word of mouth.” After making the gentle observation that […]

Take a Second Look

I have a BS in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, I initially struggled with the liberal arts courses that did not have problem solving and scientific method at their core. After reading a book on study habits, I started making a second, handwritten copy of my lecture notes before the next session of each class. This […]

Put It In Writing: Business Planning that Works!

Only a small percentage of small business owners have a written business plan (studies show around 3%).  The same research notes that the businesses with written plans and clear communication are consistently market leaders.   None of this is new.  Basic leadership requires creating vision and charting the course forward.  Common knowledge, but not common […]

Admitting When You Need Help

When I casually encounter a business connection and ask how things are going, I rarely get the truth. Most of the time I get some version of this response: “Been really busy”, or “business is great”. Most business owners don’t want to admit that something is going wrong inside their business, this is most likely […]


If a leader has no vision and no plan in writing, the first step of the process is to work on creating the vision.  Once you have created a clear and compelling vision, the question becomes, how often should you communicate vision? (Click here for a free tool to help you get started)   Our […]

Clear goals, plus timely and effective feedback lead to top performance.

Another cornerstone of effective delegation is the Rhythm & Routine of leadership communication. After the vision, plan, and work are clear, make sure key performance data can be measured. Is your team growing revenue, becoming more efficient, lowering costs, and increasing profit? If we communicate these results weekly we will have great months, quarters, and […]

Clarity precedes Results

Many organizations suffer from what we call “Phantom Clarity.” Leaders believe they have a vision and plan, and understand the importance of those concepts for their team. However, rare is the leader that actually has their vision or plan in writing. The gap between knowing and doing stagnates potential growth. If you don’t write it […]

“Failing forward” what does that mean?

Part 6: Failing Forward Learning to fail forward means we also try to avoid unnecessary failure. Therefore, we focus on our strengths. Great leaders and high-achievers operate from a position of strength and so enjoy a lower rate of failure than those working in areas of weakness. God uniquely designed us with specific gifts, skills […]

“Failing forward” what does that mean?

Part 5: Failing Forward If we want to fail forward, we must have the proper response to rejection. Great leaders and high-achievers do not base their self-worth on their performance. They have a healthy self-image that’s not determined or dictated by external events. Great leaders reject the rejection of others. We also do not point […]

“Failing forward” what does that mean?

Part 4: Failing Forward Have you heard of Albert Einstein? He encountered academic failure. One headmaster expelled Einstein from school and another teacher predicted he would never amount to anything. Einstein even failed his entrance exam into college. But failure did not stop Albert Einstein from theorizing. What about Michael Jordan, the basketball legend? He […]