Keeping Your Best Employees!

There is an old marketing adage that says your best clients are someone else’s top prospects.  In today’s market we have a new one: XM Truth:  Your best EMPLOYEES are someone else’s top prospects. In the current positive economy, most of our clients are suffering from indigestion; too much work and too few workers to deliver […]

It’s Not Me It’s You

Conversations in the marketplace are filled with chatter about the Millennials.  Entitled, no work ethic, snowflakes; just a few of the less-than-endearing terms being used to describe this generation. In today’s hot economy, most of our clients are struggling to hire the talent they need to manage growth.  The best prospects for our increasingly technology […]

Turning the Transformation Flywheel

In his book, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t, author Jim Collins introduces “The Flywheel Effect” at the center of what he calls the “inflection point” of how organizations transform from “good” to “great”. Essentially, after all his research, he says that the key to transformation of “good” organizations, […]

Impossible becomes Inevitable

“Impossible becomes inevitable through leaders who will not accept things as they are.”  Condoleezza Rice Three steps for leaders to get organizations moving from Impossible to Inevitable. #1:  Make everyone on the team uncomfortable, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled with your current levels of performance.  It should be unbearable, even shameful, to maintain the status quo. #2:  […]

Change is hard, Status Quo is harder

I recently noticed that when talking about the need for change with a new acquaintance that most people actually will agree that change is necessary.  So, why do we tend to resist it so strongly?  Here are 2 reasons I just made up.   “Someone else” needs to change before me. “It’s the banking system.” […]

An Inconceivable Truth About High Performers

I am reading Adam Grant’s book Give and Take this week.  Grant quotes research where leaders of soldiers, CPAs, students and engineers were given detailed personnel assessments on everyone on their team.  The data identified the few that had the highest potential.  A year later these high potential employees and students were outpacing and outperforming […]

Absence vs Abdication

Our clients frequently struggle handing off work, responsibilities and leadership to their team.   “It’s just easier if I do it myself.”  “I am the only one who can do ______.”   If you hear yourself thinking or saying these things often, your ‘thinking’ may be part of the problem.   XM Truth:  Your team […]


My first job after my military service was with General Electric.  Legendary CEO Jack Welch was finishing up his 20 years at the helm and said this about leaders.   “Good business leaders CREATE a vision, ARTICULATE the vision, passionately OWN the vision, and relentlessly DRIVE it to completion.”   At XM Performance we often […]

Leadership Grit

Attempting to define effective leaders in a sentence or less is quite difficult.  In my years as an Army Infantryman, working inside General Electric, and living as an entrepreneur, the one quality that set apart the top performers is what I like to call Leadership Grit.   Grit is a transformational mix of intestinal fortitude, […]